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As is well known, the rug is a decorative piece that is completely exposed to germs, dust and other types of contamination present in the environment on a daily basis. After all, the item is placed on the floor, a surface that is always at the mercy of dirt from feet, shoes, among other means that cause residues. Thus, cleaning carpets constantly becomes a very important option for any home or commercial establishment that makes use of this material.

However, most people believe that carpet cleaning involves several complicated steps to be carried out, but this is not the case. There are a series of techniques and cares capable of changing the appearance and conservation of any rug, from the simplest ones to the large ones commonly used in the living room. In order to have the best products and hygiene techniques, it is extremely important to have the services of a specialized laundry.

In addition to the cleaning fact, it is important to periodically clean the carpet, as the service helps to keep the piece looking clean and very beautiful. Imagine a living room with practically black carpet of dirt and dust? For this reason, the cleaning of rugs and carpets is one of the most popular services on the market. It is important to highlight some advantages of carpet cleaning, which go far beyond the cleaning factor. Check out:

  • Keeps the place much more livable;

  • Prevents allergic people from sneezing;

  • Great value for money;

  • It doesn't take long to sanitize carpets, ensuring versatility to the service contractor;

  • Saving money, as it avoids the need to spend on cleaning products and reduces the consumption of water and electricity, which has a direct impact on the reduction of water and electricity bills.



Check out the cleaning plans that #1 Lavanderia Mogi das Cruzes offers to its customers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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