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Washing, cleaning and waterproofing sofas in  Mogi das Cruzes

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Sofa washing, waterproofing or sanitizing services is part of the services in our portfolio, this service is carried out at the place where the product to be washed and waterproofed is located, the service is completed on the same day and delivered dry, clean and perfumed. The waterproofing protects you against possible accidents with liquids that may fall on the sofa, giving greater durability to both the upholstery and its internal material such as springs and wood. Your advantages when hiring us for your Sofa Washing or Waterproofing.

1-Quality: Qualified professionals, trained and experienced in the subject.
2-Professional Equipment: We have the most modern equipment to perform the service.
3-Best Price and Payment made easy on the card.
4-Guarantee of the best service provided to your sofa.

Frequent questions regarding the Washing process...

Is the product harmful to my health or my pet?
Answer: No, our products are licensed by the health surveillance, they are biodegradable, odorless and  leave no residue on the fabric.

How long does it take to dry my sofa after washing?
Answer: Drying time varies from 6 hours to 12 hours, depending on the climate or soiling of the sofa.

Is the removal of all stains guaranteed when cleaning the sofa?
Answer: We cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, as this depends on the type of fabric (the greater the concentration of cotton in the fabric, the more difficult it is 
will be the removal), time of the stain and which substance caused it.

Does the wash wear out my sofa?
Answer: No, we use very soft brushes and products with a neutral ph that do not harm your upholstery.

How long does the sofa dry cleaning take?
Answer: Upholstery cleaning takes about an hour, varying depending on the size of the sofa or dirt.

What equipment are used in sofa cleaning?
Answer: Modern extractors, sprayers, rotating brushes that reach up to 1000 revolutions per minute and drying vaporizers are used. 

Hire 1 Mogi Laundry for Sofa Cleaning and Waterproofing Now and be assured of a qualified and efficient service.

Call or call us on Whatsapp:11 98624-9945 and be surprised with our personalized service, familiar atmosphere and guarantee of a qualified and efficient service.

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