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Sanitization is a very well-known word these days, as it can be applied in situations of personal cleaning, such as the use of alcohol gel to eliminate germs, or in cases of cleaning environments, rugs, sofas and other items. After all, maintaining good hygiene is essential to ensure a cleaner, more habitable space, free from contaminants, especially dust mites and fungi.

In a living room, it is very common for people to put the rug to improve the decoration and leisure of the environment, being able to stay in it for a good part of the day, as the place is made especially for that. In this way, the carpet material begins to accumulate residues, stains and dust, which for those suffering from allergic crises can be a terror. To avoid this, the best option is to clean and sanitize the carpets in the environment. There is a technique known as waterproofing, which prevents stains from juice, water and greasy food, which helps people who don't have that much time to clean.

The advantages of having the service of a specialized laundry are diverse, both in terms of economics and in terms of preserving the environment, since it provides a significant reduction in the consumption of water and electricity. Below, see other attributes that make the cost-effectiveness of having a specialized laundry to be excellent:

  • Improved physical space, ensuring elegance and sophistication;

  • Practicality and convenience;

  • Saving time and money;

  • People with more well-being, as well as an improvement in their quality of life.


With expressive recognition in its field, #1 Lavanderia Mogi das Cruzes works with a focus on the specific needs of its customers. Contact us right now and learn more.

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