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cheap laundry

Now you can count on cheap laundry here in our region with the greatest flexibility in the city of Mogi das Cruzes. We are #1 Laundry Mogi! A franchised laundry that serves in a personalized way, we do not require loyalty or permanence contracts, as we believe in our work, here the customer has a strong and differentiated partner.

Our differential, in addition to being a cheap laundry that serves all social classes but without losing focus, we treat all our customers as if they were the best in the world without distinction of gullible, race, social class or sexual orientation, as we believe that we are all equal and regardless of the differences, no matter what, we deserve to be treated with finesse and politeness.

Our city has a great mix of citizens, mainly through our faculties, people from all over the region, even from other cities, even from other countries visit us to bring knowledge or to learn and bring knowledge to their home regions.

  It is an immense pleasure to serve everyone and still participate in this beautiful history that our city experiences, still providing laundry services being cheap, quality and accessible to everyone.

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