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Cortinas e Persianas
Cortinas e Persianas
Curtain Laundry 
Mogi das Cruzes

your curtain  isn't that vibrant color anymore? Dusty? Dirty? Leave it to us, count on us to make it beautiful, soft and clean again. We have the best cost-benefit ratio in the city of Mogi, check out and get to know all our laundry services.
#1 Lavanderia Mogi will be pleased to serve you in the best way possible, we have a system for removing and delivering your curtain at your location to better serve you. We use biodegradable products that do not harm the environment,
  you will be with us  leaving a better planet for our descendants and that makes all the difference doesn't it? We also work with monthly packages that certainly fit in your pocket, as nowadays, we increasingly value our time and we won't waste it with tasks that we can pass on to others, but which we trust of course.
So, entrust us with this task, we are new in the city but we have all the expertise of a franchise and having overcome all obstacles sharing experiences and strengthening ourselves in the washing and drying market.

Call now and make your quote, get to know all our differentials in the laundry business.

Whatsapp: 11 98624-9945

#1 Lavanderia Mogi awaits your contact.

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