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#1 Mogi das Cruzes Laundry 


Relying on the help of a specialized laundry is extremely important for those who wish to have access to high quality services, ensuring all the personal hygiene and care necessary to provide a feeling of care and a good image for those who see it. Also because these days it is essential to always be clean and fragrant, with well-ironed clothes to make a good impression, whether at work, at home or even during leisure time. See below a list with the greatest advantages of having the services of a specialized laundry:

  • It is possible to clean not only clothes, but also rugs, sofas, carpets, curtains, among other items;

  • Agility and convenience, as the customer does not even need to leave their home or work to have their clothes clean;

  • Economy, after all, eliminates the need to purchase products such as fabric softeners, stain remover, soap, among others;

  • Collaborates for the preservation of the environment, reducing water and electricity consumption;

  • It avoids the need to have a space just for laundry, with all the equipment like washing machines, iron or dryers.

The procedure to use the services of a laundry is very simple, you only need to choose the best package for your need, whether it is to wash the pieces of a family or even companies and clinics. After contracting the monthly or personalized package, the customer receives a pouch to put their dirty items, which they will deliver to the laundry and later receive clean, smelling and well ironed clothes, needing only to store them in the drawer and use them when necessary.


With expressive recognition in the market, #1 Lavanderia Mogi das Cruzes works with the aim of guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers with the high quality of the cleaning services it offers.

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