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Laundry at Jardim Universo

Hello Mogian friends...
Now #1 Lavanderia Mogi has washing and ironing services in the Jardim Universo neighborhood and region. We remove clothes, rug, curtain, duvet, blanket, sneakers, dresses, suits, etc...
Located in the city of Mogi das Cruzes in a strategic point to serve all customers in a practical, fast and safe way, call and check our plans, if you are not satisfied with your current laundry, come and have a coffee with us and let us know how you want. be served, we certainly have what you are looking for in a laundry, with the differential of having low and competitive prices in the regional market.
In our city there are several types of public and we want to serve you according to your needs, we have the differential you are looking for and the best, adapting to the customer's taste and style, not the opposite as conventional laundries do,
  they impose themselves with their square and ancient plans.  Come and build your plans as you see fit! You will be surprised how much it is worth not having to worry about washing, drying and still having to iron all the clothes weekly, make better use of your time and leave this part with us, we are ready to help you!
Ask your questions now!
Whatsapp: 11 98624-9945

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