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laundry prices

With less and less time with this busy life that we have today, we look for more facilities for our day to day, one of which takes more time is washing clothes, but we think about laundry prices . How much will it cost me to wash my clothes in a laundry? We have this answer for you;

It has been studied and proven that washing clothes in Lavanderia is very, very worthwhile, see why;

Decrease in water use: Sending  your clothes to a laundry save about 30% in water savings, did you know that? And yet electricity, let's face it, is not cheap at all.

Savings on detergents, liquid soap, washing powder,  fabric softeners, candida, concentrated fabric softeners, apart from extending, removing from the clothesline or clothes dryer, together with all that, you still have to iron all the clothes, the hardest, hardest, most exhausting part of the process.

So when thinking about laundry prices, take all this into account, oh I forgot the most important part; your time...

Your time is something you can't recover, isn't it?

Have I managed to convince you now?

Come to #1 Lavanderia Mogi das Cruzes and live more!

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